Cabin fever


Last year, when I was twelve, I went to a sleep-away camp during the summer. There were ten girls in every cabin on the campus, and my cabin loved to stay up at night and play truth or dare. The "bleek", as we called it, was a counselour on duty who patrolled the campus at night to make sure no one was out of their cabin. On this particular night one of the girls dared me to get out of my sleeping bag and put on only my bathing suit bottom, and expose myself to all the cabins near us. I'm not the kind of person who's too shy or embarrassed to complete dares, but this really sounded risky. I wasn't sure if I could live it down. However, I didn't want to be a party pooper so, as directed, I slipped off my PJ's and slid into the rear end of a damp bathing suit. I crept out of the cabin and into the night air. Bleek was a couple twenty feet away from me, sitting in her flashlight's beam on a log. I went around to the first cabin and stood there, my lemon-sized breasts right out there. Some of the girls laughed and shone their lights on me, and some of them turned away in disgust. I went around to another cabin, and the third cabin I went to shrieked so loudly at me that I feared Bleek would hear and come down to check out what was going on. I listened closely for her footsteps, but heard nothing, and continued on to the fourth cabin in relief. I did my show for them, but just as I was stepping out to return to my own cabin, I was blinded by a flashlight. I heard a lot of voices and people shouting and when Bleek lowered the light I saw that she was standing with five other counselours- and the director of the camp, a man. They stared at me angrily, and the director threatened that if he was informed of me being out of my cabin again past nine, he would "take action". He added that if I was caught again without "appropriate attire", he wouldn't allow me to come back to camp ever again. The cabins were bustling with interest as the counselours led me back to my cabin with no shirt. When they left my mates began clapping and whistling and laughing! I was SOOO EMBARRASSED!
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