Wetting yourself in public


Me and my ex-boyfriend went to Montgomery Mall one day. I have a bit of a bladder problem, and id just got finished drinking some juice when my boyfriend wanted to go to the store and buy some jeans for me.

So were going up the steps in the mall and i say "hey i have to pee", he said ok, but i said "wait lets go see whats inside of the store first so when we come back we can get what we want" so he said "okay it's up to you".

So we are in the jean store and then i had to pee so bad. I think that i would be able to hold it so i go into the dressing room and i tried to try the jeans on and then BAM i peeded on my self!! I looked at my boyfriend and he got right up, i said "just take the jeans" he took them, paid for them and you know what i couldn't even fit in them!

Im lucky that i had on black pants-we hurried up and got out of there..I peed in the fitting that is so embarrassing!

oh yeah, since the jeans were to big we had to take them back
the next day and i stood outside all the time ;)
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