A show for the office boys


One day to work I decided to wear a pretty white dress. With is I decided to wear a pair of thong underwear, so my underwear wouldn't show through my dress, I was trying to play it safe.

Well, about two hours after I was there I went to the restroom and was straightening up my dress, pulling it down in back when I noticed it was completely see through. I worked in a small office of about 12 people, about 9 of them being male.

I borrowed a sweater from a girl to wrap around me for the day and all the men just got a kick out of it.

My boss the next day said he was suprised I'd worn pants, he thought I was coming in saran wrap.

Yeah, they got a kick out of that for a few weeks.

Needless to say the dress is at Salvation Army somewhere now.
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