Dont fall over wearing a skirt!


In school last year,I was just sitting there doing my Science test. After a half hour had past I had 1 question to go. I got done and I checked over my test just in case I missed one or I put the wrong answer. And of course I had my high heeled shoes on that day. (and a skirt) I was walking to put my test on the teachers desk when all of a sudden my heel went sideways on my left shoe and I fell over on the ground. And surprised I had forgotten I had a skirt on and the guys were looking up my skirt. (I didn't even notice they were looking up my skirt at the time). And when I sat down some girls were laughing and the guys were to and when the bell rang and it was time to go home, the guys said to me nice PURPLE underwear on you got there!!! And the teacher heard that and I had never been able to wear a skirt to school again.
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