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My most embarrasing moment still makes me shudder.

Many years ago I was with my family at a local amusement park. My son played a game and won a toy tomahawk which I stuck in my purse with the top sticking out.
We were walking around looking at things when another family was standing by me.All of a sudden their son ran by me waving a tomahawk. I looked down.It wasn't sticking out of my purse anymore.

I told my sister "That kid took the tomahawk out of my purse.We couldn't believe it. I told my husband and he told the kids father "I think your son took that tomahawk out of my wifes purse" - "No he didn't, he won it."

I told my husband I don't think he had it in his hand when he was standing next to me.My husband said just to forget about it,it wasn't worth getting so upset about,it was just a fishpond toy.

My family and I were upset,but we just started to walk back to our picnic table. My sister asked if I had a tissue.When I reached into my purse there was the tomahawk.It had slid into my purse. I felt terrible.The family walked past our picnic table and my grandfather walked over to tell them what happened.I walked over and apologize,they were so nice.
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