Flashing the horses


I was horseback riding, as I have many many many times before. This time I was at the beach with my boyfriend and his cousin.

Anyways, on the beach they gives you horse rides, and this particular company had a clydesdale, which is an enormous work horse, the kind you see in parades or pulling the ploughs in fields. Anyways, the ride went along nicely with nothing happening. However, I was swinging my leg over to get off, and somehow the pocket of my coat got caught on the horn of the saddle. I slid off and since the horse was taller than I was, i was hanging there, and my shirt and bra came up above my head!

So everyone on the beach walking our way got a peep show! I laughed it off, but I'll never forget that. (I went back the next day and everything went Ok, but the people who owned the horses remembered me!)
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