Ever seen 'Something about Mary'?


My girl friend has an apartment she shares with her sister. I was visiting my girl friend one afternoon while her sister was OUT.

We got to fooling around and ended up in bed. It was one of those unexpected moments and I hadn't completely removed by Levis (famous for snug fit, right). Well a few minutes into our amorous adventure the door opens and in walks her sister (older sister also).
Well you can imagine the disengaging activities that ensued. Wasn't to difficult for my girl friend, she jumped up and simply dropped her skirt..
Me, I was able to jump up but in my, get the jeans up over to my waist but had a problem getting everything tucked back where they belong. But managed to start the zipper up any way.

WELL, half way up the zipper engaged something other than the the zipper halves and was horribly enmeshed in that zipper.
May even worse than the character in "Something About Mary". I was in pain more than you can imagine, but was able to reverse the track of the zipper and free myself but did manage what I hoped was a whimper but my girl friend said it was more like what the Tarzan yell!

I married the young lady some time later and you can imagine what is like every time I see her sister.I always flush and she always giggles..

Will it ever end?!...
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