The video camera never lies..


My girlfriend wanted me to put on a little show for her while she filmed it with her new Video Camera..

I was pretty drunk, so i agreed. She put Boy George music on in the background and made me run around the apartment humping inanimate objects because it "turned her on".

She also recorded me telling the camera about the time i had sex with my brother's slutty wife at a family picnic and how i'm probably the father of their kid, (the kid does look a lot like me... and nothing like my brother).
I talked about how my sister is a hoe and how her illegitimate children are all different colors. And then i talked about how i hate what my mother got me for my birthday and why.

Then we start messing around again and she spanked me like 50 times, while i screamed raunchy things as loud as i could....all of this was on the tape.

But, after a few months i forgot about it all, until i screwed up and broke it off with my girl, again. She was so pissed that she got the tape and copied it, then sent it to everyone in my family.

I was so mortified, I still can't look my granny in my eyes.
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