Featuring your school colors


Several years ago, I went to a Clemson University football game, but was having problems with kidney stones. Just before I went into the football stadium, I took two small orange pills, which the doctor had prescribed to give me relief from the kidney stones. At halftime, I needed to go to the restroom, so went down the steps and got into the long line entering the Men's Restroom.

When I reached the front of the line, I realized it was one of those long trough urinals with about 25 guys lined up all at the same time. For a moment I hesitated, knowing full well that my doctor had warned me of one side effect with the orange pills...they would turn one's urine a bright fluorescent orange.

I had to go real bad, so thought it would be best to feature my problem rather than try and hope 25 guys wouldn't notice the orange color coming down the trough. Knowing Clemson's school colors are Orange and White, I let go while saying very loud, "You guys aren't true Clemson Fans until you can do this." Suddenly, the entire trough turned a bright fluorescent orange.

Instead of being embarrassed, I was suddenly a hero. As I left the restroom, several guys were remarking, "Golly Mister, how did you do that...."
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