Falling for a cute guy


This happened to one of my good friends when we were in high school:

My junior year there was a new guy at our school that was really cute. A lot of girls were drooling over him and trying to get his attention. One of my best friends had started to get to know him a little and was really starting to like him.

One day after school she was in the gym watching a volleyball game. Football practice had ended for the day and about half of the team had come into the gym and was sitting on the bleachers watching the game. (The cute guy was on the football team and was sitting among all the guys.) Well my friend had to leave to go to work and realized the only way to the door was to walk right in front of the team. So she checked her hair and make-up, smoothed her skirt and started walking. Right as she was in front of the guy's bleachers she suddenly stepped in some water that was on the floor. She dropped everything as she tried to catch her balance and then fell on her rear with her legs in the air. As she quickly tried to get up she stepped on her long skirt and ripped it. She was so embarrassed that she didn't even look up, just gathered her things and ran out. She called me that night crying and said she was going to transfer to another school.

Well, the cute guy asked her out a week later and they dated for 3 years after that.
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