The House Maid


We had a new house maid at our house. I had not known this at the time. I woke up one morning and got to stay home from school because I had fever. At about 10:00, I got up to take a shower. I did not hear the front door open and later remembered that the maid was staying the weekend. I thought it was my mom. All of a sudden, the door open and just thought it was my mom. I kept on showering. The door closed and the maid left, who I thought was my mom. I got out and turned off the water off. I heard the phone ring. I got out and answered it, in the nude. Luckily she didn't see me. I went back. Now our bathroom is VERY large. I walked in and heard the water running. I thought I turned it off, but I paid no attention to it. Our shower is also VERY big. Its used . I put on stuff on my eyes where I couldn't see. I got in the shower and sat down on one of the benches in the shower. I got up cause I heard the soap drop.I bent down to get it and I felt something, on my butt. I rubbed it off my eyes and to my horror was the cleaning lady.

Strange but true
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