Stark Naked


When I was a sophomore in high school I went to Mexico with my family. We were relaxing on the beach and I was in the pool. Naturally it was hot outside so it was crowded but it was a big pool

Just earlier that day the string on my trunks had fallen out so they werent very tight. I didn't worry too much, they werent that loose. So I headed up to the diving board. It was pretty high up. I got up there and did a running dive off. I popped my head out of the water and went to the ladder and climbed on out. I walked over to a patio chair and was just about to sit down when I saw these people giving me a really weird look. I looked down and my trunks had falled completely off!

I froze for what seemed like like forever. I scanned the pool and couldn't find them, someone must've taked then. By then people at the pool were laughing. I didn't have a towel so I dashed all the way back to my hotel room, stark naked.

It was so embarassing!
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