Farting Problems..


I was in the 7th grade and it was about time for me to go on stage for my 1st band concert in front of a live concert ever. My boyfriend, Best Friend and I were to go on and do a solo..Easy, except the only problem was I had really serious gas!!

I went out there with my clarinet and sat down. I started to play and I smelt something awful! Obviously so did the crowd because they started laughing. I just kept playing but it started to smell really bad. It totally gagged the senses.

It was coming to the last few notes(they were eighth notes). We started to hit them and with every breath I took I and every blow I blew I farted. My boy friend and friend stopped playing,little did I know, and I was sitting there farting the whole time.

The crowd cracked up laughing!! I could have died!
At least I got a lot of compliments!
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