My husband and I were taking a day tour of Paris and when we were given some time to go off by ourselves, we both figured we couldn't go to Paris without visiting one of it's famous sex shops.
It was embarrassing enough to walk in there, especially with all of the adult toys in the showcases.My husband and I walked over to one that had vibrators in it. My husband ask to see one of them.

I was blazing red by this point and said NO. The Frenchman who worked there said: "What's the matter, Not big enough?" Of all the people that can't speak English and this man spoke the most perfectly humiliating English sentence I have ever heard.
We hurridly bought the one my husband had looked at before and got out of there as quick as possible.
I wouldn't even touch it. With each move we made with the Army, I very carefully wrapped t up and hid it in a Yatzee box in my dresser drawer.

To top off the humiliation, when I told my
Mom about it, she gave me advice on the best kind to buy.