Shopping in PJs


Every time I visit my Mother in Fla., we shop. One time, she took me to a store that was going out of business, they had great sales!

Everything at this store was on racks and in piles on one side of the store, the other side was blocked off. My mom found a great pair of "shorts" (florida style), later we found the matching top to the "shorts". We bought this out fit for me and went home.

The next day, she said that I should wear my new shorts outfit to the mall, so I did.

We walked the entire mall and finally decided to shop for nighties. As we looked through the bras, panties and nighties, I found the entire "shorts" set that I was currently wearing--it was in the pajama section!

I grabbed my mom and rushed out of the mall. My face was red for weeks and she reminds me of it everytime I visit her.
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