Look Mama - new teeth!


When I was in 1st grade i loved to tip back in my chair. It was like a hobby to me.

Well one day when i was tipping all the way i fell over. right when my teacher was in the middle of a lesson i started screaming. it was so embarrasing! she looks down and there i am curls up with blood dripping down my face. EVERYONE was looking at me.

She rushed me to the nurse where i washed out my mouth and then i went home. When i was in the car i said "Look mama! I have 4 teeth!" aparrantly i had 2 lumps on the roof of my mouth. I thought that my adult teeth had been knocked forward so my mom laughed at me forever.

On top of that, when i went back to school everyone laughed at me plus i had a lisp because of the lumps! i hated it!
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