Rescue me!!


When I was about twelve,my family and I went to the ocean for a week. I brought a friend, and we rented out boogie boards for the day so we were spending all of our time in the water. In the mid afternoon we were out in the water and my friend noticed there was no one around us and thought that maybe we should swim in...But I said no, lets swim out farther, so we kept on going...

Not to much longer later we heard a life guard whistle blowing and my friend asked if I thought is was at us, and again I said no we're fine. About ten seconds later we look up and there are about five life guards swimming towards us!

We had no idea what was going on. When they caught up with us they they told us that we were caught in a rip tide and were being pulled out farther and farther into the ocean. But I told them that that wasn't true that we were just swimming but they
insisted on dragging us back to shore anyways.

I told my lifeguard that I was ok and I would swim back but my poor friend got picked up and swam into shore!

When we were almost back we looked up to see the beach filled with people standing up watching in suspense as if we were in danger. When we got to shore they all started clapping because we were "rescued"!!

To make it worse while it was all happening my mom was on the beach. A life guard asked to her to hold his sunglasses for him while he made a rescue and she had no idea that it was for me!!

When we were being "rescued" she took pictures!!
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