Its not over...


Well,I have had embarrassing days,but this is about the worst!

I had my period one week and thought it was over. Well,when I was at school me and a couple of my friends went to the restroom.
My period was definatly NOT over!!!!! It was horrible! Thinking that it was over already I didnt bring any pads or anything to school!

So I had asked one of my friends to ask the teacher for one.

Well, she did and I got one.But when I came out my X-boyfriend ,plus he was still my crush,was laughing his head off.I asked why in the world was he laughing.He never would tell me.Then,finally, in class he wrote me a note telling me that he heard my best friend ask the teacher!And to top it all off!It had gotten on the seat of my pants!And he had told everbody in the 7th grade!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would die!!
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