Tick on My Ass


A few years ago I went camping with my husband and my son, who was in medical school. The first time we went on a hike I got bit by something right in the middle of my right buttcheek. We went back to the campseat, and I bent over the table and pulled my pants down so my husband could take a look. There was a tick that had sunk it's little teeth into my right buttcheek.

He tried for a while to get it off, then said he thought Danny, our son should look at it. After all, he was almost a doctor right? I said OK, and my husband told him to get out of the tent where he was politely hiding.

For the hour my husband and my son were both looking at my ass. I mean my WHOLE ass, and just about everything else God gave me. They tried a pen knife and tweezers and even burning it with matches. Finally the damn tick crawled away. I wanted to crawl away too, I was so embarrassed. I could hardly look at their faces for the whole trip. At least I had a shower that morning!
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