3-2-1 Fly...Naked!


My most embarrassing moment was at Kings Dominion, 2 years ago!

You know that Sky Flyer thing? Well me and my boyfrien (now my husband) went to do it. I was wearing a bikini top and shorts 'cause it was pretty hot. We got up there and I had to pull the string to let us fly, well I guess I grabbed my bikini top string in the process cause when the guy yelled "3-2-1 FLY" there went my top. We flew while I was trying to cover up but couldn't cause you cant get your hands up that high!

To make matters worse there were 4 people in line that asked if they could buy a copy of the tape!! I still have our copy and every year we go back to Kings Dominion, they still remember it!

So embarrassing!!!
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