Highway Madness


When my husband and I were dating,something hilarious, but really embarrassing, happened...Now-a-days (some years later), we just bring people to tears,laughing so hard, when we tell this story...

We were driving down the road in a neighboring town one evening, me sitting real close to him and I was smoking a cigarette...I went to put the cigerette out and decided to just flip it out his window. So, with my arm around him, I attempted this...Well, the cigarette came back in and landed right in his hair!...So I start swatting at it...

Well from oncoming traffic,you can imagine this looked bad...Especially when the oncoming vehicle was a policeman!!...The policeman made a u-turn and came after us,in the mean time my boyfriend(at the time)had pulled over.The policeman stopped behind us,ran up to our window,and with excitement exclaimed that whatever the fuss was it could be worked out differently,not on the highway..
Well, we just busted out laughing explaining the situation,and the cop just shook his head,told us to take it easy,turned as he smiled, walked to his car,got in and left.

Life is just too darn funny sometimes....isnt it?????
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