Who wears short shorts?


It was the summer before 7th grade, and my mom took me to Super Walmart. Since i live in arizona, you could imagine how hot it was, I was wearing my diamondbacks short shorts, and I was also on my period.

To my surprise, my crush was there too. I saw him walking with his friends. I was intimidated, so i went down a differnt aisle. Then, I gathered up enough courage to go say "hi" to him. Lets just say his name is "qwemdiijf", and lets just say my name is "C". I passed by him, and said "Hi qwemdiijf, whats up?"
he said, "Oh hi C." then "qwemdiijf" and his friends started cracking up, one of "qwemdiijf"s friends, who happend to be a girl, handed a pad to me.

I just then realized my pad had slipped out of my Overly loose shorts. and blood was streaming down my leg......i ran away into the bathroom, where i cried..... :(
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