So, who has the big one?!


I was about 19 years old and a waitress here in a small town.

On my day off the boss phoned me to ask if I could please just come in long enough to take care of 30 National Guard that were coming in for lunch, I agreed, I thought the tips might be great.

At lunchtime they arrived, I went to the table I had fixed up for them, took the menu and told them to look over it while I get their drinks.

One man at the end of the table ordered drinks as if they had already discussed what each was having, he ordered 1 large coke, and 29 medium ones. Not thinking anything about it, I just fixed the Cokes and returned to the table saying, "Okay, who has the big one?" as I held up the coke and to my amazement, they all stood up!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to run, I wanted to hide, I just sat the cokes down, and went back to the kitchen, I couldn't show my face back at that table, I pretended to be sick, and ran to the bathroom, another girl took their order and returned to the kitchen, me still being in the bathroom, she finished up everything with them. They were finished and it was time to pay the bill, each paid their bill, then the same guy that ordered the drinks ask if they could speak to me, red faced and all I came out, and he patted me on the back, handed me a one hundred dollar bill, and said, great work!!!

The tip was great of course, but now at age 46, that is still in my head as if it were yesterday.