Spilling paint?


Okay this is like really embarrassing but funny. I can still remember it and it's amazing I don't blush at the thought of it!

I was in at the last period of the day, art class, in 6th grade. We were using paints, and red being my favorite color, I was using alot of. I was wearing a white skirt and a blue tank top and I thought i was being careful. Suddenly I feel a trickle in my crotch and thought I was going pee so I rushed to the bathroom. When I got there there was white stuff, so I wiped it away and went back to class. I sat there for about a half hour before the girl sitting next to me said, "I think you spilled a little" I looked down and there was this big red spot on my skirt. I asked to go to the bathroom again and found that I had started my period! I was so embarrassed, but I didn't think the other girl understood so I went to the art teacher to ask to go to the nurse. I thought my embarrassment was over but man was I wrong. I told my art teacher I'd started and she was very loud about it. "Oh what an exciting moment! You should be very proud Sammie. You're finally in your woman stage!" I could've died at that point. Everyone in the class could now see the big red mark on my skirt. The boys all started laughing. What was worse my crush was in that class and his eyes were wide on my crotch. I went out to the hall, thinking the worst was over, but still had one more embarrassment. My crush's best friend came out and asked me first I was okay and I said sorta. Then he said, "good cuz your social life is gonna die after word gets out" I was so totally mortified.

Luckily I moved away about a year after so it wasn't so bad. I'm a Freshman in High School now but I can still see there faces and hear the laughing. And everyone laughs themselves to tears everytime I mention it. Oh man!
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