Untangle us!


I'm a 25 year old gothic female. One night a group of friedns asked me to go clubbing, i didnt have work the next day so i accepted. So i'm at home getting ready. I had my hair down, make up fixed and i was wearing a short plastic skirt with a plastic bra and black fishnet shirt so i was set to go!

Well we arrive at the club and i of course go venture off on my own, looking for a guy to bring home. After a while i find a guy and we really hit it off. We dance, talk and he buys me a few drinks, it was great. Then we decided that we wanted to go back to my place and have a little fun. So i tell my friends, they understand. So we're off!

Well we get to my house and we're getting a little hot and heavy on the bed. So he lifts up my skirt, pulls down my thong and starts eating me out. Well i have a few piercings down there, one of them having a chain, usually i take it out but it was going so great i didnt think about it. That is until his tongue ring got caught in the chain!

So we both tried to untangle it, but it was stuck pretty good, and we had no luck. So i had no choice but to call one of my friends. She was busy with her children so she told me she would call another friend of ours...

Well, about 10 minutes later we hear the front door open and im just thinking "thank god!". Then here comes my friend Tommy prancing in my room. "Oh my fu*king stars Jess how did this happen?!" Needless to say my friend didnt tell him what he was coming over to help me with, and the guy i was with was not really expecting a guy to come and help him get his face out of my goods...

Well finally we get the damn thing un-tangled. Well i take it out and we continue with our business. By the next day, Tommy had told everyone what had happend... even my parents!
It was horrid
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