The miracle of labour


My most embarrassing moment so far had to have been when I had to go to the hospital to give birth to my baby.

I had been in labour all day but the hospital wouldn't let me come in because my water hadn't broken as yet. When my husband came home that evening, I insisted that we go to the hospital anyway.

On the way there, he was panicking and actually drove to the wrong hospital, then got lost going to the right one, so we were delayed quite a bit. When we finally got to the right one, as soon as we drove into the car park, my water broke in the car and as soon as that happened, for some reason, I just threw up all over myself!

He pulled up right in front the double doors and put me in a wheelchair, but then just left me right there while he went to park the car!

So there I was, large, pregnant, dripping wet, puke all down my front and crying with labour pains, while dozens of people walked past, staring uncontrollably!

Never mind the labour pains, I was so mortified that the embarrassment was almost as bad as the contractions!
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