Atomic Wedgie!!


I'm a junior and me and my friends are constantly embarrassing each other in public. So I should have know better than to go to school on my birthday. But I at least knew enough not to wear a skirt..One of our popular moves is to lift each others skirts when we're talking to boys.

So anyway, the day's going fine until gym class. We all change and go into the gym for some lame games. I hate gym. But as I'm laying on the mat warming up my friends dive on me. Before I know it I'm pinned down on my stomach with my best friend sitting on my back. Then I hear her yell "How many spankings does Brooke get?" There were about 30 other of my classmates there who all started cheering as my friend started spanking me 16 times. But then after the last spank I felt her hands reach under my shorts as one of the guys yelled "wedgie time!" As at once she pulled my panties out of my shorts and proceeded to give me the longest and hardest wedgie I've ever had. All I could hear was everyone hooting and hollering as I laid helpless getting an atomic wedgie. It must have lasted a full minute before my panties ripped.

For the rest of the day all I heard was "nice panties Brooke" as I went to the rest of my classes.

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