I hate popups!


The school district in my county gives every high schooler and middle schooler a Mac iBook to take home and to use at school. When we're in school we use them alot for projects and assignments and stuff.

One time when I had to do a project for english I used a internet website for part of the the visuals. For my assignment I had to go from one website to another and at the last minute while presenting my project I decided to use another website instead of my original. I click the link and all of a sudden all these pop-up ads for PORN are on my computer screen which is also being projected through the teacher's tv screen so the whole class see's these porn pop-up ads and the more I click the X button the more they pop up. I finally had to restart the computer and redo my project.

I didn't get in trouble or anything but it was one of those high school moments i'd like to forget...
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