I was taking Tae-kwon-doe when I was younger, about 6 years old. On the first night, I got out of the car and headed inside.

The teacher told us to take off our shoes and put on our uniforms. To get to the changing room, you had to go outside and across the lawn. After I had changed, I headed back toward the classroom. When I got inside, the teacher started the lesson. After a few moments, a couple of kids started holding their noses and commenting about how much it stank. Everyone looked around for the source of the smell. Then, some kids looked at me and said it was coming from me. They looked at my feet. THERE WAS DOG CRAP ALL OVER MY BARE FEET!!!I didn't know that a dog had decided that the path back to the class was a toilet, and on the way into the class, right in front of the door, there was a huge pile of dog crap. I was talking to my friends and it was a cold night so my feet were numb. I stepped in the crap and didn't hear or feel it because my feet were numb and I was talking to my friends.

To make matters worse, when the insructor asked for our names, I gave him my name and we when he went around again to confirm our names, I gave him my nickname (Smeah) and everyone laughed at me!

Talk about embarassing!
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