The party from hell!


My co-worker threw me a party on my 21st B-Day with about 15 friends, my BF, and 10 co-workers. I had tons of liqour and the next day I woke up on the sofa still at the party in mens threads and 8 people laughing thier buts off at me for what I did and even more when I explained I honestly don't recall anything after 9:00 PM...

To make a long story short, I passed out puked in my sleep. My BF said I started to choke on it so he had my co-worker help get me to the bathroom because I was a mess and I had to get cleaned up and trying to fight anyone who touched me. I continued to fight and puke as they tried to undress me and get me into the shower. When finally got my top off I pooped my pants and they had to clean me up as you would a baby before throwing me in the shower and the bathroom was tiny so half of my naked body was laying in the hallway and mostly everyone was there and saw everything!

I quit my job, never even went back to pick up my check.
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