That time of the month again..


I was in summer school, going on to eight grade, and I had barely started my period. Well, during lunch, when I got up, my jeans felt all wet, and that's when I knew it, I was totally leaked!!

I was too stupid to go to the office to do anything about it, so when I went back to class, I got the whole YELLOW seat wet with "red stuff"!! Being too stupid and mortified, I left the chair like that because I was not about to tell my teacher, (who was a guy) about it.

A few days passed, and then I saw it, the yellow chair with "red stuff" all over it, and when the teacher (the same guy)as ge bent down to get something, rested his whole arm on the full-of-dry-blood chair!! I don't think anyone noticed, but boy was I grossed out when he rested his arm on that chair, because not even I would have done that. Deep in me though, I think my two friends who were their with me knew about my little incident, which I hope they will never bring up.
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