Well anyway, I was at this summer camp thta I was FORCED into, first one I ever went to. Here I discovered that I LOVE camp. I was in this spelunking camp where they shipped you off in a bus for the day and brought you back afterwards, only to go to another one later. Now here's were it gets interesting.

This girl that was obviously into me finally admitted to it on the way to our second cave. Turns out she liked me more than I thought. We were about a mile into a cave when the guide started talking about taking a break at the next place she was gonna show us, so me and this girl Elizabeth found a little side cave, which was actually an old bears den. We get down to business, and it goes on for about 20 minutes when we start hearing everyone on their way back. We are TRYING to zip up when we realize we are way too covered in mud to actually get our pants back on, so we crawl the mile back out of the cave with our pants around our ankles, luckily at the BACK of the line. Now the thing is, after we made it out we got enough mud off o pull em up. BUT our counselor came up to me and tells me that they started coming back because they heard moaning and thought someone was in trouble, until they realized what was going on.

To top it all off, we got caught humpin in the girls shower again the next day by our 50ish female counselor, who nearly told our parents! We ended up getting away with it though. The moral of the story is, dont explore a small cave when you are already IN a big one!
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