Excuse me what are you?


When this happened I was very little like maybe 8 or 9. I was a VERY big TomBoy and the summers where I lived were sooo hot, I had my hair practically all the way cut off.

My mother and I were at the mall one friday afternoon. We were walking through the mall when a Big Man knocked into me and made me fall over. The Man said : "Hey little boy watch where the (beep) you're going!". My mom was so ticked she started swearing at the man not only for pushing me down and being so rude, but having called me a boy. The man was sooo sorry that he apologized and left.

My mom was so embarrassed by causing a scene that she took me into the Halloween Store ( in the middle of May) and bought me a long haired wig... Whenever we would go out she'd make me wear it until I had long hair.

We never did run into that Man again...The b*st*rd!
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