Caught in the act with an Enema


My embarrassing moment was last monday.

I finsihed my work in my office in the early afternoon, because i didn't feel well. i hadn't had a bowelmovement for two or three days and so i decided to give me an enema. i have prepared the complete enemaset (enemabag, hose, nozzle and vaseline,..soft music in the tape, warmed towels) and planned after my enema rest for one or two hours in my bed.

I have just started my enema, i was layin on the floor in my bathroom in the Knee-chest postion, reading a newspaper, when suddenly the bathroom door opened and my cleaning lady (a lady in her late 50`s) was standing in the door! Normally she does her duties on a tuesday, but that day she had a date with her doctor and so she would do her work on Monday. Wide eyed, mouth open, she was mortified by this unusual situation, watching alternate the enemabag and me..till she stammered a very weak "sorry", left the bathroomdoor and stood waiting in the hallway.

Now the enema did his work and i had to go. My toilet is separate from the bathroom, so i had to stop the clamp, and run stiff legged with a towel in my front out of the bathroom, passed my shyly smiling cleaning lady, to to toilet. She must have heard a lot of farts and splashing water..which made the situation more embarassing for me.

After i had done my "business", i sneaked to my bedroom, changed my cloathing and with a beetroot face i said good bye to my cleaning lady, because i must do "some shopping"..(which was a lie, but the situation was so embarrassing for me, I couldnt stay there!)

After a few hours i returned, (in the meantime i have visited a cafe, because the "second wave" was near) cleaning woman had gone, but the enema bag, now empty was still hanging on the hook of my toilet..
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