Totally Busted!


When I was 17 I worked at major retailer as a stock boy. I got in the bad (and very wrong)habit of swiping candy-bars and few CD's from the stock room. One day I got called to the manager's office.

In the manager's office was the loss prevention (security) manager, district manager, and the personnel (female!) manager. The store manager asked me if I had anything to tell them about thefts occuring in the stock room.

Of course I began to panic and told them "I Don't know anything about that" The Loss Prevention manager pulled a VHS tape out and put it in to a player and asked me what I thought about "this"

A imagne came up showing me stealing a CD, then it showed me sitting down on a box and eating a candy bar. Then (here's the truly embarssing part) it shows me undoing my pants.

The Loss prevention manager shuts off the tape and says "I think we all know what happens here" I was so embarrassed! (I remembered jerking off two days before in the stock room thinking about a hot storeclerk!)

I quickly signed their statement that I was guilty and was later issued a ticket for shoplifting. Needless to say I've never been near that store again!
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