My First Audition


I was so excited to audition for my school's spring play on our school's "Hush Heart" day. All the girls had little red stickers and if they talked to a boy, the boy got the option of taking her sticker. The object for the girls was to not lose their heart, and the boys were trying to get more and more hearts to wina prize. Well I still had my heart and I planned to give it to my crush in drama class.

We both had to audition for the play, and ended up going together which was both exciting and frightening! I began to read through the lines with him while my red Hush Heart was stuck on my butt! I had no idea! Everyone waas laughing and trying to get my attention to get it off my pants but i was completely oblivious as i was trying to do the audition so well!

Then, to top that off, as I was going through my audition, and being very nervous, I pronounced a word wrong, saying "genital" instead of genteel!! Everyone was laughing! It was in front of my crush and everything! The teacher wouldn't stop laughing and neither would my crush, I could hardly finish the audition. My friends were all saying "We know what was on HER mind during the audition!"

How humiliating!
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