Coach from HELL!


My school always has a physical fitness test every year. The gym teacher was out one class and we had this really really harsh sub. He expected us to be perfect. So we were running laps that had to be done within a certain amount of time. I didn't care if I didn't pass, cause it didn't count towards school grades or anything. So I figured I could not run my fastest and still be okay.

But the day seems to be going well cause while I was running my crush came up to me and started talking to me. SO...naturally I slowed down to talk to her and I ended up getting a lousy score 4 minutes below average.

The coach freaked and said something along the lines of:
"You could have done better, but it seems all u care about is flirting! How would you like it if I tied your hands behind your back and your legs together and made you run a lap? You know what, That sounds like a good idea!" So the coach used some string to tie my hands behind my back and my legs together (is that even legal?)!!

Then he said: "Now run and you can't leave until you've ran a mile. That means 4 laps!"

Now here's the killer part:

The coach thought it would be funny to pull both my pants and boxers down and make me run. So I wobbled around for at long time with my thing totally exposed for the class. And I fell soo...many times And I couldn't cover my thing cause of my tied hands!

God, I was called names for years to come...
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