Tubing Accident


This happened when I was like 14 and spendin a week at my friend's cottage over the summer. Their house was on the lake nearby, and they had a boat.

The first day we were there we went tubing. Me, my friend, his two sisters, and his mom all went while his dad was out at a bar with his buddies.

My friend was the one drivin the boat while it was my turn. So, of course, he makes it so that not only that im gonna fall of, fall at about 50 miles an hour.

Not wantin to give him the satisfaction of whippin me off, i held on while i was being dragged across the water. This being my first time tubing, i didnt realize how easy it was to be stripped naked by the waves.

So by the time he knocks me off the raft, my swim trunks are like half the lake away.My friend pulls the boat up next to me and, since i was chokin on a lung full of water, i jump in in only a life jacket.

So im standin there, naked from the waist down, in front of three women,his sisters were like a year older and a year younger than me. I just look down in shock to see it all hangin out, and my friend, his sisters, and his mom all start laughin. I just stood there scared stiff until his mom came over, laughin and put a towel over me and said "its nothin we havent seen before, honey!"

For the rest of the weekend i had to deal with skinny dipping jokes, and we never did find my swimsuit...
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