Zippers are horrible!


God, this is humiliating...

a year ago, when i was sixteen, i bought this shirt that has a zipper down the front so its kinda like a jacket, but its a shirt. well, i wore it to school one day without a bra underneath. i unzipped the zipper almost halfway down so it will "look good". well, you know that zippers tend to unzip sometimes by at my first class we had a test that took almost an hour. i sat down and wrote it...blah blah blah...but when i got up to hand the paper in, i realized the zipper had slid almost all the way down! too late--before i could stop it the shoulders slipped down my arms and my shirt was just a bundle at my waist, leaving my boobs exposed for everyone to see! ughh! and i was in front of my teacher too, who happened to be a male. when i got my test back, my teacher had drawn a smiley face and next to it he wrote, "thanks for the great show!" sooo embarrassing...
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