Stripped at a party


This story happened to me when I was 13. It was at a boy girl party at my friend's house. There were about 30 people there, half boys and half girls (one of the girls being my crush).

My friend (lets say his name is joe) and I always try to embarrass each other, usually in front of other people. So I guess he had planned with some friends for something. This is the embarrassing part.

Two friends come over and get my shirt off some how. I was just a little mad, but it wasn't that bad. So I just just stood there and then joe and one of his friends come over and hold me down and take my pants and boxers! They also hid them somewhere and I couldn't find them. I was just standing there, absolutely no clothes in the middle of 30 people staring at me including my crush.

I was so embarrassed then and for the rest of school with people calling me certain names.
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