Mice are scary!


I live with my husband in a small apartment in Holland. This embarrassing story happend when my husband's brother came from the U.S to spend couple of days with us. My brother in law was sleeping in the living room. He usually sleeps half naked. That is he only wears his boxters. One morining, my husband left for work while my brother in law was sleeping and I was having a shower in the bathroom.

All the sudden I saw a mouse in the bathroom so I started screaming so loudly and I ran out of bathroom NAKED. My brother in law was alerted by my screams and rushed into the bathroom and saw me running out of the bathroom while in naked. I was so scard that I jumped into him and hugged him and kept screaming. He was so shocked to see in this situation so he started rubbing my back to calm me down. It was this moment when my husband entered the apartment because he forgot some papers.
He was shocked and thought that his brother and I were having a wild affair! However, when he realised what really happened he couldn't stop him self from laughing! :)
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