Naked in the wrong locker room


This story happened when I was in 7th grade and 13 years old. It was during gym class and we were getting changed.

I started to get changed, as I do every time, and some kids in there hold me down and take the rest of my clothes off! As if that's not embarrassing enough, they grab me and take me into the girls locker room and tell them not to let me get out. They started laughing because I wasn't that developed yet. Also, my crush was also there and was laughing harder than anyone there.

Once they had to go out for gym class, they tied me down and left me there. They didn't even untie me when they got back. They just called me some more names and left me there as a surprise for the next class.

I was sooo embarrassed and no one will let me live it down even 3 years later.
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