Water Slides are no fun!


I was at a water park with some of my friends, and there was this huge water slide that looked really awesome. So my friends and I went down it, but I forgot to tie my bathing suit tighter before I went down because it was a little too big for me. When we reached the bottom of the slide, I realized that my bathing suit was missing, so i walked around the end of the water slide looking for it, hoping no one would see that I was naked. The life guard told me to get out of the pool so people wouldn't slide into me, but I didn't want to shout out in front of everyone that I lost my bathing suit, so I said just a second. But he refused, and he took me by the armpits and dragged me out of the pool, and when I got out, everyone saw my nakedness!

Since I was just in the pool my penis shriveled up making it even worse. There were so many kids there, and everyone just stared and pointed and laughed. Even the life guard started to laugh. I eventually found my bathing suit, but not before I was humiliated.
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