Embarrassing Doctors Visit


So when I was in high school, you had to have a physical exam before joining a sport, and as this was my senior year, I needed to do a sport so my college application wouldnt look too bad (I was signing up for track because I'm pretty athletic). So, this was my first physical since maybe 8th grade, and I had a different doctor than who I usually had. I always hated going to the doctor, but I was more comfortable this time, since my I didn't have to have a parent in the room.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as smoothly as I thought. So the nurse tells me to take off my pants and shirt before the doctor comes. So the doctor gets in and asks for my urine sample. Realizing that I didn't have one, she said the nurse probably forgot so she gave me a cup and told me to go to the bathroom. She said for me to not put my clothes back on, since it would waste more time, and there was another bathroom away from the waiting room areas. I was kind of embarrassed but didn't care. So it's all going fine and I thought she was done, until my doctor decides to inspect my crotch. I was suddenly panicked, because my doctor was a woman (She was pretty young and good looking too)!!! So she's feeling my crotch to make sure that I have both balls. I guess this was hard for her, since I was wearing briefs, so she kept squeezing and she kept saying "oh! oh! I can't get both of them!" (I don't know what was so hard since it's not like my balls are small) Obviously she missed the day of medical school when they learned that balls are sensitive and it hurts to squeeze them. Realizing that this hurt, she said "Oh, since we're having trouble here, can you just take these off?" and I pulled them off and put them with the rest of my clothes. So then she finishes checking but then she checks my penis! I had never had a doctor check my penis--only my balls. She pulls back my foreskin a bit and she was like "Do you wash here everyday?!" I said yeah and then she wrote some other stuff down on the clipboard thing and said shed be back and then we'd be done. So I was sitting on the table naked, and she forgot to close the door leaving it wide open! So I got up to go close it because I didn't want people seeing me. But, as I walked up, a girl I knew from school walked by the room with a nurse! She gave me an odd stare but walked on. So the doctor came back and it was over and I told her that she hadn't closed the door when I was naked and how that could be embarrassing for patients, but she ignored me. I was so pissed at her and how she didn't have any regard for a guys privacy it was obviously her first time doing something like this since she seemed so disorganized.
Oh yeah and then the girl who saw me. She mentioned it almost everyday at track practice. Luckily we're kind of friends, but she's the kind of friends who embarrasses you and thinks its funny.

Once, I was talking to a girl I liked during track practice and the other girl walked up to us and said "I've seen him naked and lets just say you might be disappointed!!!" and the girl didn't know it was a joke and laughed at me and walked away.
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