Trouble at the Nudist Colony


I always loved being naked, it makes me feel so free, and one day, I got the strangest urge to want to see other people naked too, so, on impulse I signed up for the free trial at a nudist colony relatively close to where I live...

I have no idea what I was thinking, I had never been to one of those things before, and had no idea what to do. Well, they were very friendly and told me to simply put my clothes away in a vault and then I may do as I please. Well I was extremely hesitant, but finally I did it. i was walking around for a couple minutes checking the place out when I saw the most increadibly attractive woman completely nude. She gave me a glance and I immediatley got an erection. I assumed that was normal, being that everyone was nude and everything, but pretty soon, an attendant came up to me (also naked), and in a very harsh and angry manner, took me by the arm and escorted me to the front. "This is supposed to be a family oriented, non sexual environment!" she screamed. "I cant help it!" I said. "You are a sick pervert, taking our free trial only to get horny off of our clients!" she bellowed. "Get out!". And with that, she threw me outside, butt naked. I screamed inside that I needed my clothes, but she had left already and locked the door. I was already extremely humiliated, but I sadly walked to my car.

Then I realized I would have to drive home (about an hour and a half away) completely nude! I was so afraid of being seen, but i had no choice. Finally after tons of stares, I made my way home. The next challenge: I live in an appartment complex, so I would have to run to and up the elevator butt naked! Again, I had no choice, so I ran in, and was relieved to see that the guard was off duty at that hour. I opened the elevator - empty - thank god! However, on the first floor, it stopped, and an extremely hot woman got in with me! She was completely shocked, and scared to death when My errection was about an inch from her (it was a tiny elevator). Finally though, I got to my room and all was safe. I never dared to show my face in that nudist colony again, even to get my clothes.

It was the most humiliating thing thats ever happened to me, and now, I stay nude around my house, where I can get stiffies as much as I want!
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