Like father, like son


My three year old son and I were at the clinic for his 3 yr. physical. After we were done we needed to go to the lab for some tests.

He takes my hand and we enter the elevator. Now mind you, the elevator was a bit full. As we are moving from floor to floor, more people were getting on and few were getting off. Everyone was quiet when my son looks up at me with a big smile on his face and says "Ya know what?" And of course, I said "What?" His reply was "When me get bigger, me going to have a big peter like my dad." I was stunned.

I know I had to have been as red as an apple. If I could have shrunk myself I would have crawled under the carpet. I prayed that the people in the elevator had children and new what it was like to have your child say something embarrassing in public. I was sure glad when we got off the elevator. It was only seconds but felt like hours.
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