Bad Lager


This is the most horrible story ever, do not read on if you have a weak stomach!

For as long as I knew him, my exboyfriend had moved the contents of his bedroom into the attic of his parents house as it was more private than his old room.
This however is really unpractical for using the bathroom as it is quite far away (especially when its that time of the month and the middle of the night).
So lets skip to the bit where he was using an old miller can as an ashtray, so I used it as a bin for my own purposes (to change my tampon) in the middle of the night (its disgusting, but its okay as long as you can dispose of it first thing the next day right? ....oh no!)

I woke up kinda early the next morning as I had college, before his parents were awake anyway. My BF woke up and asked me why I was taking an old miller can with me so I told him. I got to the front door and put the can on the floor to put on my coat, then went outside. Just as the door closed (you cant get back in without a key), I realised that the can was still in the house so I phoned my boyfriends mobile phone from a payphone and told him where i had left the can.
thank god he answered right? no!, the stupid boy fell back to sleep shortly after i had called (i never forgave him for that).

So the story concludes with us not knowing what happened to the can for a few weeks but were too embarrased to ask, until...

One day when we were sitting watching tv and his dad came in and tells us a story about when he found a miller can (a brand which apparently he had ever tried) in the hallway, so he had a sip and it tasted rather strange so he poured it down the sink. He said that it looked like someone had put a hanky in there (oh boy, he knew what it was, didnt he?). He said he was glad he was still alive then left the room.

Me and my boyfriend at the time were convinced that his dad was not stupid enough to drink an open can of lager that he found in the hall, and were suspicious of the fact that he had chosen a time when I was visiting to speak about the event, as in, he knew it wasnt a hanky.
I kinda stayed away from his dad for the last year or so that I was dating his son, How embarrasing!
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