Depantsing Revenge


Now this story is from my last year in college.

I had a job on campus and One of the girls I worked with was a gorgeous girl from India. She was about the prettiest girl I had ever seen, and She was in the international club. We talked about it and she got me to attend a meeting one week. I enjoyed it and made some friends. I went back a few times and became a regular sort of guy. Well me and this girl got to be friends and we joked around a lot..

One day I saw her in the library. She was wearing sweat pants so I decided to have a little fun. I sneaked up behind her and gave her pants a little tug. I didn't want to pull them down I just wanted to make her think that. I knew she'd freak. She jumped and put her hands down to stop her pants from coming down, even though I already quit pulling. The she saw who it was and said in her cute Indian accent, "Don't pull my pants down in front of everyone!!!" I assured her I was just joking and wasn't going to do it. She laughed in a sarcastic tone. Then we had a regular conversation. At work we got into a little war of words and I said something embarrassing her a little. When everyone laughed at her she said, "Don't worry I'm goingto get you back. I'll embarrass you at the meeting in front of everyone." I acted unshaken but I was a little worried. The people at work got her egged on a little too. They were into it like a story.

The meeting on friday afternoon was a show that they did most weeks. It was from a country that had students at our school. This week was Mexico. They did a little skit on their country and then it was always like a little party. Mexico was one of the biggest one because they had more sutdents. And a lot of them were very pretty girls. I was in heaven. My friend got there and she was looking very good herself. She was dressed up nice in a black skirt and sweater. She smiled an said hello. Then she gave me a smirk like you remember. I thought she was just going to say something in the announcements or something like that. I didn't think she would do what she did never in a million years. It got to the end and everyone lined up and got refreshments and socialized. Well It was being taped as well. I was standing in the middle of the room and was talking to a girl in one of my classes. Well my friend got the girl with the camera to focus on me and most people started paying attention too, but me in the middle didn't see. I had on a pair of baggy jean shorts. They were new and little loose but stil fit firm. It wouldn't have worked if not for the fact that I had on new underwear. A pair of black compression shorts made of slick material and also fit skin tight. She sneaked up behind me, kneiled down, WAVED at the camera, and gave my shorts a very hard tug down. I know because it was taped. I was in total shock. I wasn't expecting it and then was surprised it worked all at the same time. I knew they came down too before I looked. I heard people laughin but I thought it was just a few and then I looked around and saw that the whole room of about 50 people is laughing out loud at me. All I could see were the prettiest girls laughing and they were everywhere. I looked down and saw my pants on the floor and my undershorts in clear view. They were tight unlike boxers and all the girls got a look at my bulge. I looked behind me and saw my friend pointing and laughing at me after she had embarrassed me in front of the whole club and more. I was to embarrassed to pull up my shorts for a second, I just froze!

When I got to work on Monday she came in and smiled at me. She waited until everyone got there and then she started to talk. She said we had fun at the meeting. Then just as people started to listen she said "I depantsed James in front of everyone." The everyone looked surprised at me. She said, " I said I was going to embarrass the boy." It really started going. People were all jazzed up on it. She described it in detail and Made sure to tell that many pretty girls saw it. The details of my underwear. It made me a total laughing stock. She brought it up all the time after that. She would talk bout it in her club announcements. She always reminds people of it and even showed it at the end of the year meeting in a video they made. All the girls that saw it would laugh at me all the time.

She got me good.
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