The Yellow Pool


Well, once I was in the swimming pool here in England. I was with some of my mates. Anyway, I had to pee really badly - you know how it makes it worse when you are around water?

So, we were playing these games in the water, one of them involved jumping really high. I though, right, I'll finish this game and then go to the bathroom. So, I submersed myself, crounched on the bottom and then lunged up, and jumped clean of the water. As I did so (I was wearing shorts), I suddenly started peeing uncontrollably. I just couldn't stop. And then, the worst thing, the friction of the water made my shorts slip right down to my ankles! So there I was, 'flying' above the water, with all my friends, other swimmers and numerous lifegaurds, completley naked (not even any goggles!) and peeing, without me being able to stop.

Fortunatley, my friends have a good sense of humor, so when I got back in the pool we couldn't stop laughing. We laughed for ages and ages, me probably peeing most of the time, i dont know. After that I went to the bathroom and finished off my pee.
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