Pie Target


Every year our school holds a whip cream pie auction near the end of the year for charity.

What you do is pay to nominate someone who works in school or is on student govt to be pied without them knowing it sometime during the school day.

Well I am a cheerleader and several of the girls on the squad thought it would be hilarious to nominate me.

I am at lunch with my boyfriend and a couple of my friends about the coming summer . My girl friends, who nominated me , made sure to keep me distracted so they could set me up to be pied.

Suddenly , from behind , I am smushed with a big whipped cream pie in the face and a good deal of it falls down my lowcut blouse. I was a mess.

Everyone around me was in hysterics...and someone even took a video and pictures of me being pied...that was shown in the following auditorium meeting.

I was sooo embarrassed and such a mess.
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